Strategic Portfolio / Programme Planning and Economic Evaluation 

iPLAN's experienced team have the skills to optimise strategic forecasting and planning across your entire portfolio. We have experienced resources to assist with:

  • Portfolio Management Process Establishment

  • Portfolio Planning

  • Life of Asset Planning

  • Operations Readiness Planning (full lifecycle)

  • Project and Portfolio Evaluation and Prioritisation

  • Strategic Labour and Commodity Output Resource Optimisation

  • Establishment of Portfolio Continuous Improvement Processes


Developing a consistent management plan across your complete portfolio will improve your long term success. Understanding how each asset will perform throughout its lifecycle, and building this into a whole-of-company model will provide your executive team with the tools required to maintain or improve market position. Optimising labour and non-labour resources throughout your business can reduce unwanted waste and redundancies which are increasing your cost base.


Personnel Secondment - Integrated

iPLAN can supply a range of highly experienced personnel for long term integrated project services or short term engagements.

  • Entire project services/controls teams

  • Project Services/Controls Manager

  • Planners & Schedulers

  • Cost Controllers

  • EVM Specialists

  • Cost Estimators

  • Quantity Suveyors

  • Risk Specialists & Facilitation

  • Procurement & Contracts Subject Matter Experts

  • Contract Administration and payroll Technicians

  • Supply Chain Personnel

  • Portfolio & project management services

  • Claims Consultants (Planning / Cost / Contracts Management)


Project Start-up - Project Controls

iPLAN will provide key Project Controls personnel to assist in a rapid project start-up phase.

  • Fast Mobilisation

  • Project Start-up Checklists

  • Development and Implementation of Plans and Procedures

  • Establishment of the WBS, Code of Accounts and Control Budget

  • Development of the Baseline Schedule and Progress Measurement Systems

  • Visual Aid and Reporting Templates for Selected Key Project Metrics

  • Earned Value Process & Methodology Implementation


Project startup is a critical activity that when done well, will increase the efficiency of your existing resources, and raise the quality and reliability of critical management information for the important first months of the project. Setup requires a short term resource peak beyond the existing capability to ensure your project is set up in a structured and cohesive manner, with a rapid rollout of systems, procedures and processes. The integration of Scope/ Schedule/ Cost controls will place your execution team in a winning position from the outset.


Project Start-up - Procurement & Contracts

  • Project Initiation and front end framework development

  • Project Execution and Strategic Delivery Plans

  • Contract and Procurement strategies

  • Engineering Packages development (contract, procurement and commercial elements)

  • Developer of major tender documents

  • Developer of pre-qualification papers for Suppliers and Contractors

  • Lead the tender phase

  • Lead negotiations and clarifications

  • Lead the contract award process

  • Lead the supply and contract administration process during the execution phase

  • Prepare claims defence and lead negotiations on contract claims

  • Closeout supply and construction contracts and deliverables; and

  • Handover to client