Personnel Secondment - Periodic

There are times during a project where you may need to augment your existing team for short

periods of time. iPLAN can provide experienced quality personnel on a step-in step-out basis to

provide services such as:

  • Coverage for Annual Leave or Extended Sick Leave

  • Coverage for Maternity / Paternity Leave

  • During Peak Reporting Periods - Weekly/Monthy

  • To Assist with Definitive Estimate / Re-Forecasts

  • For Preparation of One-off Board and/or Committee Presentations

  • Analysis of the Veracity of Contractor Claims

  • Perform Schedule and/or Cost Risk Reviews

  • Peer Reviewing Reporting and Schedules


We also offer mentoring and training services to improve the skills of your existing team.

Contact iPLAN to learn more about how we can step up and get your project covered


Shutdown / Maintenance Services

The iPLAN Team contains experienced turnaround shutdown planners who understand the vital

role detailed schedule control has on your business bottom line. iPLAN offers:


  • Fast Mobilisation

  • Pre-shut Detailed Planning and Work-pack Development

  • Daily Shutdown Tracking and Work-pack Control

  • Shutdown Closeout Services


Shutdowns, whether large site outages or small routine maintenance works, require detailed planning and controls to ensure all resourcing, materials and equipment are available when needed. iPLAN provides experienced personnel who understand the finite level of planning required to ensure your shutdown is a success. From the initial pe-shutdown development of Work-Packs, scheduling materials procurement, through to the daily coordination, iPLAN has the solution.