Schedule Risk Assessment

iPLAN's approach to Risk Identification and Management will allow your company to:


  • Develop a Schedule Contingency

  • Manage Project Criticality

  • Target Execution Priorities

  • Increase Outcome Certainty


Understanding schedule risk provides clarity and greater certainty in evaluating project contingency and the key influencing activities in the network. iPLAN recognises the value of understanding the schedule risk inherent in your projects and offers experienced consultants to assist with the identification of the main drivers of risk in your schedule. Utilising Monte-Carlo simulation techniques, running thousands of iterations though your programme data, the criticality of the network can be drilled down to individual activities, enabling a focused approach to risk management.


Cost Risk Analysis

iPLAN can assist your team to develop a cost risk model for your project. This type of risk modelling is being used to generate contingency and other allowances to enable completion of an estimate. Our experienced personnel can construct an @risk model from your existing risk registers and facilitate workshops to perform risk and range analysis based on your expert knowledge. If the risk register is out of date or not established, iPLAN can also provide facilitation to prepare an effective register. Monte Carlo simulation will then be utilised to generate the range of possible outcomes. We can assist with:

  • Estimate range analysis

  • Probability-based contingency estimation

  • Estimate and contingency sensitivity analysis


Independent Peer Review

Checking and Reviewing project documentation and output is a critical function of Project Controls. iPLAN's personnel can quickly and effectively provide peer-reviews to ensure a quality and consistent product every time. Key review areas include:

  • Stage gate checklist conformity to the business case

  • Scope definition

  • Project execution plan

  • Contracting and Procurement plans

  • Estimate and basis of estimate

  • Project schedule and basis of a schedule

  • Integration of the Estimate & Schedule

  • Schedule risk analysis

  • WBS and code of accounts


Our experienced peer review teams draw on decades of experience across a broad range of industries. We can fully and confidentially assess most facets of project proposals, across each funding stage gate. We also have several industries recognised experts who can be drawn into the peer review on short term engagement adding to the service.